Spanish Network for Open e-Science

Thematic Network funded in the call 2018 Acciones de Dinamización - Redes de Investigación built on top of the results of a set of National and European Projects on Open e-Science that focuses on coordinating, sharing and reinforcing such results in an international context.

Objectives of the Network

  • To promote the communication by sharing experiences and activities in the frame of EOSC.
  • To impulse R+D+I activities, disseminating the activities in EOSC and fostering the participation of Spanish actors.
  • To reinforce the participation of Spanish institution in EOSC increasing their presence in Fora, resources and service catalogues.
  • Implement a sustainability plan and business opportunities.

Activities of the Network

  • Project office
  • Web Site
  • Online Presence
  • Presence in Events
International Presence
  • International Committees
  • Set up of a JRU
Fostering Spanish Participation
  • Service Catalogue
  • Workgroups
  • EOSC support
Innovation and Transference
  • Industry Forum
  • Best Practices