The General Directorate for internationalization of Science and Innovation from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation is the governmental organization which is representing Spain in the Governing Board of EOSC. The interaction among the stakeholders is being organized through the Spanish Network for e-Science. This network has been initially created as a Thematic Network under the contract RED2018-102377-T, and it will be continued through a Ministerial Order from the General Directorate of Singular Scientific and Technological Infrastructures, of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. The above mentioned two General Directorates will also foster the inclusion of topics in the next Spanish Research Program related to EOSC. Currently, At national level, the State Plan of Scientific and Technical Research (2017-2020) allocates the RDI public national budget addressing the specific goals outlined in the Strategy. The promotion of open science, open access and the strengthening of Research Infrastructures are covered in this plan.

The Spanish Strategy on Science, Technology and Innovation 2013-2020 is the RDI policy for the State Administration and the Regions sharing vision with Europe2020 Strategy, Innovation Union Flagship and H2020, addressing key actions in close connection to the goal of EOSC. Additionally, the Spanish Roadmap for the European Research Area Development 2016-2020 supports the contribution of national RIs and Research Centres to EOSC.

The Spanish Strategy of Science, Technology and Innovation 2013-2020 defines the policy for Open Access to results and Research Data of research activities subsidized with public resources. The works published in scientific journals funded by the State Plan will be deposited in repositories (institutional and / or international), in open access considering the specific characteristics of the different subjects, in compliance with the provisions of Article 37 of Law 14/2011, from June 1, on Science, Technology and Innovation and the recommendations linked to the European agenda on open access and open science.